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Thursday, October 6, 2022

FBI to report denied transactions to state & local law enforcment

The FBI is now required by law to report National Instant Criminal Background Check (NICS) denied transactions to state, local, or tribal law enforcement within 24 hours of the transaction attempt.  This is required whether or not the denial or delay is actually justified or simply a bureaucratic mistake.  [FBI]

All federally licensed firearms dealers (FFLs) are required to complete a transaction record for every attempted firearms transaction.  All firearms retailers are required to have a federal license.  The six page form is referred to as the ATF Form 4473.  One piece of information required is the applicant's (purchaser's) home address. 

Part of a sweeping firearms regulation change imposed by the Democrats is that federally licensed firearms dealers are now required to report to the FBI with the personal addresses of individuals whose attempted purchases were denied.  

Within 24 hours the FBI will then provide details of the failed transactions, whether denied or merely delayed, and all the personal information of the rejected individuals to local law enforcement. 

The changes were quietly implemented last week by the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) to comply with new federal law [Just the News].

This is a significant change to the system.  Before the passage of the NICS denial notification act, dealers were only required to provide the state of residence of a customer.  Administrative delays in background checks are extremely common -- they will be reported now.  Sometimes it’s as simple as having a common name or having a security clearance with the federal government [Gun Owners].


1.  ATF Form 4473, required for firearms transfers.  For recent revisions click here.

2,  More on the firearms background check system from the NICS website [NICS].

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