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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

From the front lines

It's okay to waste plastic and paper if it's wasted because it's bad to waste it. Ow.

Primary season here in the Left Coast. Bob-1 files a report:

Rather interesting election results last night. Mayor (billions of) Nickels didn't even make it out of the primary; the leader is - for Seattle anyway - relatively sane. Same goes for Kink Co Exec.

And Seattle Referendum 1, the 20 cent paper & plastic bag tax, got slaughtered 58% no to 42% yes. Ironically, despite the claims of the huge amounts of "Big Oil" cash poured against the ref by the pro folks (and left repeatedly in prerecorded fashion on my phone over the last few days) I never received any "anti" calls. Guess "Big Moonbat" had even more cash...

Or might have just been the insane yard sign campaign by the pro-tax folks.


If the Sheeple's Paradise of Seattle can lean an inch or two away from total lib lunacy, could a nationwide Dem bloodbath in 2010 be beyond imagination?

Yes, there's Hope for Change.

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