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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Biden: COVID vaccine wasn’t around when “We came into office”

Biden made his statement as part of his CNN town hall (Twitter).

From Joe Concha: Biden claims during CNN Town Hall there was no vaccine when he came into office. First shots were administered in mid-December. This isn’t a semantical thing or the president misspeaking. It’s a straight up lie on a very important point (Twitter).

But it’s worse than that.  As Karol Markowicz points out “Biden got his second shot on Jan. 11. Donald Trump was still president” (Twitter).

Not the first time the lamestream media was silent as this nonsense that comes from the Biden administration.  Veep Kamala Harris is joining the Biden chorus. (Fox News).

The [left] even explained it away as a “verbal stumble” (Twitter).

From Mark Hemingway: WaPo rang up Trump for over 30,000 “false or misleading” claims — averaging 16 lies a day for 5 years. They dinged Trump for statements such as “I have tremendous African American support.” I don’t know how you go from that hyperliteral standard to giving Biden a pass on this (Twitter).


Either Mr Biden is either stumbling or forgetful or knew he was lying. 

The truth is the vaccine was announced November 20:  "Pfizer and BioNTech to Submit Emergency Use Authorization Request Today to the U.S. FDA for COVID-19 Vaccine". Pfizer (Press release). 20 November 2020.  (Pfizer)

The Leftist media insisting that Biden's mistakes are rightly justified makes the Science President look like a fool who needs to be propped up.


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